4. November 2015 Mark Zander

Triptych I

The album “Triptych” consists of 4 triptychs (12 songs) plus one extra song in the center of it.

Listen to the shortcut of Triptych I: Sight/Euphoria/Love

Triptych I: Sight/Euphoria/Love

I „…but what on earth I should do when I caught sight of you?“ At first you were the one I just wanted to be with. You were the one. But it seemed like it was not meant to be. And then, years after, we conquered the world. I conquered a new world. There were one million little things to do. „Thousand steps to chase and search for, hoping, finding, landing on shore“. Enough power to do it all. And when it all settled down there was the wave. There was love. Real, true and calm love. „Let your mind relax and the wave unchain you.“ – Sight/Euphoria/Love