8. November 2015 Mark Zander

Triptych II

The album “Triptych” consists of 4 triptychs (12 songs) plus one extra song in the center of it.

Listen to the shortcut of Triptych II: Mirrors/Crimes/Delusions

Triptych II (Shortcut)

II The free people who choose permanently refine their taste. They want to avoid anything disappointing. They want to find the formerly blissful again; whether it is wine, movies or other people. Infinity is always the infinity of the bad. People don‘t want to waste any more time. They have already wasted too much. They have already been disappointed too many times. They want to protect themselves. „Generation of the free, willing, craving, you and me.“ Furthermore people kill people in order to reach their own goals. Black stories pave their way. Is it really bad to be bad? Who is going to succeed in the end? „This ain‘t a story of heaven and glory. It‘s a tale of a veiled vagary.“ So, what is the world we‘re living in like? How do we construct our lives, our careers, our relationships? What prices do we pay? What prices do we make others pay? How honest are we with ourselves? „Delusions? Not because of me…“ – Mirrors/Crimes/Delusions