3. Dezember 2015 Mark Zander

Triptych IV

December 6th 2011 my father died two days before his 68th birthday.

Triptych IV concentrates on my process of letting him go…

The album “Triptych” consists of 4 triptychs (12 songs) plus one extra song in the center of it.

IV Sometimes the storm of life hits us right in our face. Everything changes from one second to the other. Why us? Why now? We start fighting against the unbeatable. Then pain, sorrow, anger and fear paralyze us. It hurts so much. So so much. „Now it‘s going to eat me up, it‘s going to eat me up, it‘s going to eat me up inside.“ But real heroes are the ones who carry on. Letting go is without any alternative. Walk slow, stop, turn around, smile and move on. – Struggle/Pain/Farewell

Listen to the shortcut of Triptych IV: Struggle Pain Farewell

Triptych IV